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Enterprise System Architecture

Large applications are broken into smaller services. Each service modules has its own data store. Services are distributed over the cloud infrastructure. Right choice of services are added to composition as per use case.

Services communicate over ReST API with token based authentication. Inter service communication can also happen over event bus.

Independent and Horizontal application scaling capabilities are designed where required.


  • Kubernetes cluster management and monitoring.
  • Streamline and automate software delivery lifecycle.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Improved collaboration between team for code ownership and accountability.
  • Automated testing before every pull request is merged.
  • Automated deployment on QA and user acceptance testing server.


Customer data protection and privacy is our top priority. Imply strict security measures as per latest OAuth 2 and OIDC Specification and constantly revised to keep up with industry trends.

Our applications support Single Sign On with OTP based 2 Factor Authentication.

Token based authentication with configurable expiry time.

Passwordless login and Enterprise features like login using Fingerprint or Hardware Key.

Custom Web Applications

We craft custom software around business functions to solve customer specific real world problems. We value your business!

Custom software built on trusted technologies are flexible to adapt to changing business trends and processes.

Castlecraft technology stack is proven to delivery and iterate fast feature release for testing and production deployment.

Web applications are designed and built for use case with desktop first or mobile first approach.


Mobile Applications

Mobile technology is driving business operations globally. Statistic estimate about 50 percent of web traffic is through mobile devices.

Right choice of web or native technology stack is used to deliver solution.

Intelligent sync, offline storage, low or no network capabilities are added to the solution for domain specific applications. 

Cloud Computing

Modern business require modern cloud solutions.

We help customers deploy custom applications on Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Scaleway, DigitalOcean or any cloud of choice.

Software Integrations

We help you securely connect with third party software. Sync your transactions with ERP systems like ERPNext, Odoo, Tally, QuickBooks and more.

Selling products on multiple e-commerce marketplaces? No problem anymore, sync your sales orders, invoices, payments with software of your choice.

Focus on your strength to grow sustainably. Business analytics now at your finger your tips. View consolidated dashboard and reports at a glance.

SaaS Development

Software as a service (SaaS) is the most popular and high margin business out there on internet today. 

We help build products that can be implemented as SaaS.

Monitor critical parameters, cloud usage on simple dashboard with single sign on features.

Craft custom solutions and applications

Software automations for scalability, speed, reliability and high maintainability

Scalable Enterprise Custom Software Solution

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Our Customers Love It

DigiThinkIT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

This is to confirm that we hired Castlecraft Ecommerce Pvt Ltd to work for us from Jan 1st 2019 to 31st Jan 2020 to help build Software Products for us.

During this time we were happy with the services provided by Castlecraft
Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.

I thus highly recommend business with Castlecraft Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.

Neil LasradoManaging Director

Excel Technologies Ltd

We are writing this letter to appreciate your effort in developing our custom application.

It has already been a long journey and you have continued to show professionalism in all aspects.

The efforts put by you and your team in this project is commendable

Glad to work with you and hope to carry out this journey in the long run.

Aninda Saha | Business Systems Analyst

Open E Technologies

We are writing this letter to appreciate your effort in helping us implement custom eCommerce website along with WooCommerce

During the implementation, all work was completed in a timely and professional
manner. We look forward to work with you on future endeavors. 

Pawan Mehta | Owner

Startup India Recognised

Certified by he Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade For Enterprise software and Cloud Sector

StartupIndia DPIIT Certified