Craft your Ideas to reality!

We value your business

Castlecraft core philosophy is to provide solutions to new world business problems. Our latest software technology stack is helping our customers to increase work productivity and efficiency. 

Our Services

We build software with technology fit for the purpose.

Event Storming

Our developers spend a session with you to understand your domain as a big picture as well as in depth.

Solution Design

We architecture your ideas to reality with the use modern software technology stack and cloud computing

App Development

We help you build complete platform from an idea for presence on web, mobile and desktop devices to ease your operations

CI / CD Pipeline

Setup CI CD Pipelines. Staging to QA and QA to production with improved release cycles.


From single VPS to Kubernetes clusters, we help you manage your cloud on provider of your choice.

System Integrations

We help you integrate third party software, Ecommerce marketplace, payments and more

ERPNext on Kubernetes

We host free ERPNext sites with managed updates and upgrades

ERPNext Consulting

Our team of experts help you structure your business around ERPNext

Frappe Framework Consulting

Learn best practices to get around Frappe and develop custom applications