Success Stories

ERPNext on AWS EKS Fargate

Setup ERPNext on Amazon Fargate and unleash the power of serverless computation with reduced operational costs. 

Implementation works well with Amazon Elastic Containers (EC2) and Kubernetes Services (EKS)

General practice found with ERPNext,

  • Customers purchase VPS and required cloud resources,
  • Add ssh keys on the server,
  • Allow developers/partners/service providers to install and manage ERPNext.

This practice is okay for most of the businesses.

For one of our client from Finance and Banking industry, the case is different. They have strict compliance where ssh access is strictly not allowed for production servers.

All their applications are serverless or microservices with well known third party auth service. Adding traditional single server ERPNext was not an option.

With AWS managed services already being in use, they wanted to set up ERPNext on Amazon Fargate.

We collaborated with their team in getting ERPNext up for them on AWS provisioned resources.

The stack mainly comprises of products from AWS – Aurora, EKS Fargate, Elasticache, EFS CSI for storage.

All was possible using most of the resources from frappe_docker and

Additional health check sidecar was added for fargate / target group health check.

Frappe ERPNext Development Consulting

  • Conducted consulting sessions with client’s development team to improve applications made in Frappe Framework.
  • We built a custom automated CI/CD pipeline with CI tools of their choice. 

We help technology startups and established enterprise to connect ERPNext with Amazon Web Services for severless computation.

Cloud computation is effortless if done right! If you have a use case then connect with our team for scalable solution.