What about partnership?

frappe/frappe_docker, frappe/helm, CI/CD pipelines and everything related to it promotes self-hosted setup using standard containers.

I (Revant) am active maintainer of the official frappe framework container and helm chart. It is so beautifully contributed by community it’ll just work for free for most of the users. If anything commercial results out of containers it is handled by Castlecraft.

I also contribute to OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect aspects of code in frappe framework. Social Logins, Connected App, OAuth Provider, Custom OIDC based auth, Custom OAuth 2 auth in Email Account. That in turn gets Castlecraft hard problems related OAuth 2 and OIDC.

This creates a niche for us. We build proprietary SaaS, PaaS or any application offering using non copyleft licences for our clients. We manage on-prem customized infrastructure as per client’s specification.

All this gives us least overheads in terms of credits to sell or products to push just to overcome the costs. Instead we can focus to create value only where it is needed. Results and value drives everything.

We can be a partner for your business instead!