What about partnership?

frappe/frappe_docker, frappe/helm, CI/CD pipelines and everything related to it promotes self-hosted setup using standard containers. I (Revant) am active maintainer of the official frappe framework container and helm chart. It is so beautifully contributed by community it’ll just work for free for most of the users. If anything commercial results out of containers it is […]


What do we really do differently?

ERPNext is free! It has lot of features that can get you started without need of any help.Documentation, forum and checking code base can get you through your implementation. If the company implementing this is a startup or a greenfield project with tech savvy management,implementing and customizing ERPNext is a breeze. Most of us from […]

Success Stories

ERPNext on AWS EKS Fargate

Setup ERPNext on Amazon Fargate and unleash the power of serverless computation with reduced operational costs.  Implementation works well with Amazon Elastic Containers (EC2) and Kubernetes Services (EKS) General practice found with ERPNext, Customers purchase VPS and required cloud resources, Add ssh keys on the server, Allow developers/partners/service providers to install and manage ERPNext. This […]