Seamless, reliable and maintainable extension to ERPNext

A Faultless and Viable solution for your Business System


Problems with customization

  • ERPNext has very complex and evolving mechanisms to validate transactions which clash with customization.

  • As markets evolve, business may develop new needs or deprecate inefficient processes.

  • Once organization has set up an ERP system, making adjustments to it often feels impossible or consumes lot of resources.

Our solution


With powerful and auto tested ERPNext API possibilities are endless.

we develop business application as a separate service leveraging the robust ERPNext API

This is how we do it


1) Various client devices communicate with set of independent business applications

2) These independent applications talk to each other and process the request as per the desired business logic. Relevant ERPNext API endpoints are triggered to affect the ERPNext transactions.

3) ERPNext Public API is used to affect the transactions. This ensures complex ERPNext validations are respected by all requests.

4) And Management has Entire Authority of Viewing or Making Change in Data from ERPNext UI.

Why NO! to Customization

  • Customizations can complicate support capabilities from the OEM or community.

  • Customizations can complicate upgrades.

  • It can break your unrelated business process, which is a downside for any business.

Why Implement Our System

  • ERPNext can be self-hosted and kept vanilla. This ensures better official and community support.

  • Customization, backend services, web applications, mobile apps can be hosted and managed separately without affecting ERPNext releases.

  • App upgrades can happen independently. Upgrading business apps does not depend on changes in frappe framework and ERPNext.

  • Independently manage and scale business applications.

  • Solve complex domain problems with right set of tools.

  • Improve developer, domain expert, user and stakeholder collaboration and team work.